Welcome to The Gaia Gang

A self-love club for women


About Us

The Gaia Gang is a member-based female empowerment network.  
We offer online events and classes to help boost self-esteem and personal growth. We wish to inspire and motivate women to embrace their uniqueness and to become an even more amazing and authentic version of themselves. Most importantly we want to create a global network of women from all walks of life, who support and cheer for each other.

Why You Should Join Us

Join us and start your journey towards a more self-loving, confident, authentic version of yourself! 

As a member of our #selfloveclub, you will get free access to our online library - inspiring talks and webinars, interviews and worksheets. You will be able to sign up for different courses and dance classes and connect with other amazing women from around the globe.

Why We Want YOU

There is no one like you and that is your superpower!
We would love for you to join our community, not just to inspire you, but for you to inspire us with your story, your skills and your reflections.

All women are welcome to join The Gaia Gang, and together we will play, laugh, dream and motivate each other.

Looking forward to having you in our girl gang!

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